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Download the latest version of our application here.

What's new

v1.0.0.426 4/16/2011

  • Fixed issue where the profiling dlls were not copied to the output path if the working folder was not set or was different
  • Better logging if an exception is encountered during the execution
  • Fixed issue from command line where the report would not generate if the current path was different than the directory containing DotNetPerf
  • Improved html report. It now contains links to the types and the methods from the "Top" list
  • Fixed "No items in sequence" error if no data was collected
  • Reports if no data was collected

v1.0.0.412 4/14/2011

  • Added better logging when the application fails to copy the Netperf dlls to the working folder
  • Application will now pause if the application has an error when executed from the ui